Introducing TARA!!

Tara Lewallen

I could never be a dentist… Don’t get me wrong, dentists are important and necessary but just the thought of them, causes many people to have sleepless nights, sweaty palms, and anxiety attacks.  I guess you could say my ego would not be strong enough for that occupation. Instead, I wanted people to love me, to be happy to see me, to be disappointed when our time together is over and to be eager for our next appointment. So, there was only one (legal…LOL) career choice for me… I had to become a massage therapist.

In Webster’s terms, a massage is “an act or instance of rubbing and kneading part of the body to loosen up muscles and improve circulation.” But a massage is so much more… It is a complete mind and body experience that is unfortunately deemed by many as an unattainable luxury. It is for the rich, the pampered and the spoiled, for the people with perfect bodies, for women only… blah blah blah. The stereotypes are endless. On the contrary, I believe that a “good, well-connected” massage is the god-given right, privilege and necessity of every human being that walks, crawls or rolls around on this beautiful earth. It is powerful tool that can truly keep both your body and mind tuned up and working properly.  Just read the long list of massage benefits below and you will see what I am talking about.

According to the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals’ webpage, Massage:

-        Relaxes and softens injured, tired, and overused muscles.

-        Tones and stretches weak, tight, or atrophied muscles

-        Alleviates pain therefore reducing dependence on certain medications

-        Improves range of motion

-        Increases joint flexibility

-        Enhances the immune system by stimulating lymph flow—the body’s natural defense system

-        Pumps oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs, improving circulation.

-        Improves the condition of the body’s largest organ—the skin.

-        Reduces stress (Almost 90% of disease today is considered by experts of be stress related)

-        Lessens depression and anxiety

-        Helps athletes of any level to prepare for/recover from strenuous workouts

-        Promotes tissue regeneration, reducing scar tissue and stretch marks

-        Reduces post-surgery adhesions and swelling

-        Reduces spasms and cramping

-        Enhances the quality of sleep

Most people are surprised to know that all of these things can be attained through a simple massage. It’s amazing… right? But before you pick up the phone and dial the nearest day spa, please know that all massages are NOT equal. In fact, the most difficult part of this whole processes is finding the right practitioner for you… the trial and error process can be time consuming, disappointing and very expensive. That is where I come into play. As a Certified Massage Practitioner with my very own private office space, I am absolutely dedicated to and passionate about:

  1.  Creating a safe, secure and clean environment for my clients
  2.  Listening intently to what their needs and expectations are
  3. Talking in detail about health histories and injuries
  4. Performing connected massages that are not only enjoyable and relaxing but effective
  5. Creating a treatment plan that is both affordable and realistic for their lives

I am passionate about what I do and I am completely client-centered! That is what sets me apart from the rest. I consider my hands the middle-man between your body and your health. We work in harmony together. I love my job and take it very seriously! So if you are considering adding massage to your health routine, please give me a call. I know that your time and resources come at a cost but so does your youth, vitality and overall health. Massage is not a cure-all miracle but it certainly is an investment to the wellness of your body and the quality of your life. So set up an appointment and see how amazing you feel after your first session… You are definitely worth it!

Labor Day Run Clinic

What better way to start off Labor Day weekend than a nice run! Come join the Sweatworx Weekly Running Clinic (for beginners) on 9/3 at 8am for a 5k paced run.  We’ll be starting on the south side of the rose bowl, east of parking lot K and west of the big field.

We’ll stretch, warm up, run (while learning important fundamentals of good running i.e., posture, breathing, pace, gait), then we’ll cool down and stretch.  Hope to see you there!